Luxury Wardrobe storage service

We collect, service & store your fashion garments


Vicuña is proud and excited to introduce its latest service to Vicuña’s clients and members. 

It is a widely felt issue when improper storage causes damage from insects, mildew, and light fading etc. 

Precious Investments deserve the right kind of protection from all forms of contamination in a secure location. 

This storage service, which uses the latest technology in garment protection, also offers clients the ability to select specific items for occasions. So whenever and wherever they are needed clients can have access to their investments, this includes collection, by mail and delivered to clients at their discretion. 

How it works

Place Order

place your order through Vicuña’s app or website, Vicuña will then contact you to find out your requirements and propose a plan for the best way to store your items and a price.

Order Proccessed

Once order is collected and reviewed, Vicuna will 
clean your items and pack in the correct way for best storage. Vicuna take a photo of each item and create a bespoke Inventory for our clients. Your items are then put in our safe insured storage facility. 


Our clients can then either request particular garments for occasions to be returned or we can redeliver all items if client’s storage plan was for a set period time.