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We collect, sort, clean and return your clothes, perfect for busy travellers add to order


This very personal service is crucial for the busier clients whom have come to rely and trust on the ability to leave a bag or suitcase, in its entirety, without concerning themselves with booking items individually. Vicuna, like a majority of our services, remove the burden of our clients.

This is an especially valuable for such clients who travel frequently. On special requests, Vicuna has clients who often require their items to be prepared and ready at their respective airports for departure. 

This service delivers the same high standard as all services offered by Vicuna, with an additional option to pack the investments for the client’s journey in their travel bags, pressed and cleaned. 

Monthly Subscription Packages

Packages that allow you to have hassle free drycleaning. 

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How it works

Place Order

Place your order through Vicuna’s app or website, a preferred collection day and time will be booked, where we will then message to confirm. 

Order Collected

Once order is collected and reviewed, you will be notified of items in order and a quote will be given. Once confirmed and Paid order will be processed. 

Order Processed

Your items will go through Vicuna’s special detailed process, in order for the best results and safest procedures this will take around 4 days. In case of urgent requests we now offer a express service. 


You will be contacted be one of our team about a convenient redelivery time that suits you best. For clients travelling abroad we can pack in their own suitcase and bags and have them specially delivered to the airport if necessary.