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Vicuña has many Luxury Products and Accessories for your Wardrobe. Vicuña Fashion Care Concierge is a official Reseller or Liquiproof products and also use the products in many of our services so guarantees quality.

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Vicuña Official reseller of Liquiproof HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU RUINED YOUR FAVOURITE POSSESSION?PREVENT THE PAIN WITH THE SAFEST & MOST ADVANCED PROTECTIVE SPRAY: ECO-FRIENDLY, NON-TOXIC, 100% BREATHABLE, ODOURLESS, INVISIBLE, NONFLAMMABLE AND CAN OFFER YEARS OF PROTECTION!125ML - COVERAGE UP TO 5M2 - UP TO 5 PAIRS OF SHOES or 2 HANDBAGS or 1 JACKETS/COATThrough advanced nanotechnology, Liquiproof creates an easy clean protective coating that prevents damage from everyday spills and stains. The invisible barrier effectively repels liquids, mud, dirt and prevents alcohol, oil & water stains. Residue easily washes off with just water. Safe and suitable for use on all types of absorbent fabric as well as suede, nubuck and sheepskin.Coverage varies on size, fabric type and the amount of spray you apply.B E N E F I T SWater and oil resistant - most household liquids and stains are repelledEco-friendly, non-toxic, harmless, non-flammable, PFC & PFOA free water based formulaSuitable for all types of absorbent fabric – synthetic and natural including furInvisible coating – no change to original appearance and is completely undetectableSuper long lasting and durable - hand washable up to 25 timesMaintains breathabilityOdourless – can be applied indoorsEasy and simple one step application - spray on and leave to dryNon-aerosolUV resistant - reduces effect of fadingE F F E C T I V E  U S E SShoes, Sneakers, BootsHandbags, Purses, WalletsTiesHatsGlovesClothingCoats, JacketsUpholsteryChairsConvertible roofsSuitable for all types of absorbent washable fabric, such as:CottonCanvasSyntheticPolyesterCotton / poly mixTweedSatinSilkWoolSuedeNubuckFur and faux furSheepskin*For enhanced performance on smooth, full-grain and top-grain leather use our penetrative Leather Protector instead.Not suitable for 100% polyamide (nylon), as these fabrics are already water and stain resistant. Do not apply Liquiproof to any materials already water resistant or waterproof. <figure class="attachment attachment-preview" data-trix-attachment="{"contentType":"image","height":160,"url":"","width":480}" data-trix-content-type="image"><figcaption class="caption"></figcaption></figure>Do not inhale vapour. Seek medical advice should irritation occur. Wash skin with soapy water after contact.Avoid contact with eyes. Should this occur, flush with clean water, remove contact lenses if safe to do so. Keep out of reach from children. Store at room temperature.


Vicuña Official reseller of Liquiproof Liquiproof Premium Eco Cleaner is a highly versatile and powerful biodegradable cleaner made from yeast, betain, plant and salt extracts. It’s 100% bio-degradable and non abrasive, removing oils and general soiling from most surfaces, fabrics and leathers. From your dishes to your clothes, your windows to your floors, Liquiproof Premium Eco Cleaner can clean anything and everything!BENEFITS100% Natural ingredientsUniversal multi surface cleaning technologyConcentrated*Reduction in harmful cleaning chemicalsEFFECTIVE USESSneakers, shoes, bags and accessoriesFabrics, leathers, suede, nubuck, sheepskin - dilute 3-5 drops in warm water and apply with our premium brush or microfibre cloth. Repeat process until clean. Remove excess with clean microfibre cloth.USAGE INSTRUCTIONSDilute the concentrate to suit the job. Shake well before using. Can be mixed with hot water for improved results. Please use the diluted liquid within 14 days.Mix approximately 3 drops with 100ml of warm water for general cleaning. Increase the amount of concentrate for stains, baked on and worked in dirt and grime. This is ideal for cleaning dirty garments and shoes.Use a strong concentration (1:5) to clean your oven or a low concentration (1:100) for windows. It is that simple.Once clean, rinse with clean water or remove excess liquid and dry with our premium microfibre cloth. Repeat if requiredTIPSApply a 1:10 mixture immediately to oil, wine, tea and coffee spills in order to remove staining.Remove excess liquid with our Premium Microfibre Cloth and allow to dry. Repeat if required.This cleaner is so effective it usually brings out the dirt to the surface on some materials which initially makes them seem dirtier. Repeat the cleaning process knowing you're thoroughly cleaning rather than surface cleaning.Precautions:Keep out of reach of children.  Avoid contact with eyes. In the case of eye contact, immediately rinse with clear water and consult a doctor. If swallowed seek medical advice (concentrate is alkaline) Do not freeze.Ambient storage. Usage temperature should not be below 5° Celsius. Use within 2 years.Contents: All natural, 100% biodegradable.Yeast-plant oil condensates, salt extracts, 5-15% anionic tensides, < 5% amphotere tensides.


Vicuña Official reseller of Liquiproof INTRODUCING YET ANOTHER INCREDIBLE WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE!Our premium microfibre cloths have nearly half a million fibres per cm2, these nano microfibres provide enormous cleaning power. The act of drawing this huge surface area of cleaning edges across a surface gives an incredibly deeper clean than cleaning with chemicals. When damp, the tiny fibres trap and remove more grease and dirt.We've selected the highest quality fibres and materials to ensure they outperform and outlast traditional cloths and other cloths made with similar but lower quality fibres.When used alongside Liquiproof protective coatings and Premium Eco Cleaner the results are incredible whilst remaining eco-friendly.Blue Cloth: Designed for use on hard surfaces- do not use on absorbent animal hides or textiles.White Cloth: Designed for use on soft surfaces.USAGE INSTRUCTIONSDampen the cloth or spray the dirty surface with water.Remove the grease, dirt and dust with the microfibre cloth (use a little of our eco cleaner on tough grime)Wash the dirty cloths in your washing machine. Start again.CARING FOR YOUR MICROFIBRE CLOTHExcellent results can be achieved at washing temperatures as low as 30 degrees Celsius with a little eco cleaner. However, best results are achieved laundering at temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius - but this is not essential.Washing detergents should not contain fabric softener as they reduce the anti-static properties of technology when used on dry surfaces.Please take extra care when washing your microfibre cloths for the first time. We strongly recommend you wash colours separately, especially if washing the blue cloth. Washing at 30 degrees will reduce any leaching or running of dye. Guaranteed for a maximum of 300 washes. Our cloths will withstand boiling and tumble drying without quality reduction.